About this website.

The name The Three Compañeros is derived from the fact that we’re 3 partners or comrades within the same firm (The Future Group) and has a nice ring to it, just like the movie The Three Amigos with Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and that other guy.

As a DBA you might have been curious once to the effect of an Oracle database parameter. This website hopes to give you insight but at the same time to stimulate your curiosity. By performing simple tests we hope to show you the behavior of a certain parameter. We’ll be focusing on approximately a 100 parameters that play a role or not play a role in the performance of an application. By adjusting their values and capturing the results we hope to demonstrate the influence, of course this is not a guarantee on your system, but it might be worth considering it, in dealing with your performance problem.

We’ve setup our own tests so easy that you can perform these tests yourself!
If you’re interested in this section you’ll find the prerequisites.

About Us

 Rob Nagtegaal is a Senior DBA who has worked with Oracle  Technology since 2000. He holds the following accreditations 11g  OCP, 10g RAC OCE and has worked in many mission critical  environments. He has accumulated his experiences in the financial world, health care and energy sector among others. His field of expertise is Grid Infrastructure, Dataguard and Performance Tuning beginning with version 10g. Rob is a partner at The Future Group since the beginning of 2016.
LinkedIn profile <https://nl.linkedin.com/in/rjnagtegaal>


 Peter van Cappelle is a Senior DBA since 1996 and self  employed since 2003. His assignments included many of the  fortune 500 companies. His experience includes Grid  Infrastructure, Dataguard, Data Warehousing and Performance  Tuning. Peter was one the first partners at The Future Group, when he joined in 2003.
LinkedIn profile <https://nl.linkedin.com/in/petervancappelle>


 Gerd-Jan Fielmich has been a self employed Oracle DBA since  2005, starting with Oracle 9i. Coming from a programming  background, his focus has always been to realize a software  solution for performance problems. He holds the 11g OCP, 11g GI OCE and Exadata Specialist certifications, but is also a member of the elite Oracle OCM (11g). His experience with RAC, Dataguard started from 2010 with Oracle version 10g. Gerd-Jan has joined The Future Group in 2013.
LinkedIn profile <https://nl.linkedin.com/in/gerd-jan-fielmich-b465489>

About our Company

The Future Group is a partnership of self employed professional that share a common back office. By setting high standards for our own and future partners, we became a household name in the IT branch in the Netherlands.


What is the behavior of the oracle parameters?